About Us

A Clean Done Right

Whether its Daily or once a week we can build a custom schedule of service to fit both your needs and your budget.   We do it right or we fix it immediately.  Thats our way of cleaning.

A healthier Space

 A clean done right will improve your businesses image, reduce lost time to sick days, and improve the well being of every person in the office.

About Us

From one business owner to another I promise that we will provide the cleaning we say as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.  Or we will make it right.  This has been our philosophy from the first client until our last.

What to expect

Uniformed Cleaners.  Because you should be able to tell at a glance whether someone should be in your building.  We do this as part of our access control.  All our employees wear our uniforms when they are on duty, are not allowed to give access to anyone known or unknown unless they are on the list provided us by you or one of our management staff.

Task schedule and log book.  The  expectations should be easily communicated and listed.  That way everyone involved has a written list they can follow to make sure it is done right every time.  The log allows you to see any notes or concerns left from the staff and allows you to leave notes for them.  You shouldn't have to spend valuable time kicking requests up the chain to others unless they are important, simple things communicated simply and painlessly ensures your needs are met.

Immediate problem correction.  When something goes wrong and you have to call us you want your problem fixed asap.  We're not perfect and neither are our people and we understand mistakes, accidents, and surprises happen, in a perfect world our team finds out and handles them internally with out them ever bothering you, but if you call us we will roll out and correct it, your satisfaction is our priority because with out that we don't have a business.

And finally a good cleaning company should operate in the background and impact your operations as little as possible.  Our job is to do our job with as little fanfare as possible, like clockwork you should go home with a dirty office and come to work to a clean one with no chaos in between.  Thats what we strive for, a touchless operation, where the clean just happens.


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We understand that every office has unique cleaning needs. Feel free to message or call us with any specifics.

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