Covid-19 life cycle

Covid-19 life cycle

Whether using your own staff or an outside provider it is important to understand exactly how long this virus can survive on different surface types so you can create a comprehensive plan to keep your facility healthy.

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Proper cleaning is essential

Proper cleaning is essential

For the most part standard spray sanitizer is a temporary short term solution with out proper cleaning processes.

For full spectrum high kill rate cleaning you must:

  • Clean the surface to remove barrier material such as dust, oils, and organics.
  • Rinse the cleaning detergents off the surfaces and finally
  • Disinfect the surface using the proper grade of disinfectant.

Hydrogen Peroxide/Silver Fogging

As a full facility sanitizing method we strongly prefer either ULV Hydrogen Peroxide fogging or Hydrogen Peroxide hot fogging .

Both of these methods use full coverage virucidal Hydrogen Peroxide fogging for full coverage full spectrum sterilization with quick re entry turn around times.

Spread Control

As a company working in the thick of things we have a duty to our city, our clients, and our families to take every precaution possible to ensure that we are not cross contaminating our clients, or risking our people.

Because of this we have brought an epidemiological adviser onto our staff to assist us in developing and implementing best practices at this time.

We did this because we have to take care of the people that take care of us, it was just the right thing to do.